Welcome Fox Cigars Contest No. 3 Winner and Wrap-up

The last month has been a lot of fun, three great contests sponsored by Fox Cigars!  Brought back some memories of the good old days of CigarCraig contests.  It’s getting harder and harder to give stuff away these days! I’ll keep sharing great cigars with my readers as long as I am able, and I know my partners are always anxious to spread the love as well. Thanks to Rob at Fox for helping out with this series of contests! I know that Chase received his Perdomo prize, and Narciso’s Oliva gift went out in the mail yesterday. Today we’ll be announcing the winner of the last present in the three part Welcome to the CigarCraig Family contest! I smoked an original El Güegüense Robusto last night to celebrate, since I didn’t seem to have any Illusiones on hand, I guess I’ll have to go on Fox Cigars website and order some! The El Güegüense was fantastic! I believe it was from the original release, and it burned well, although it did need a correction here and there, but the flavor was wonderful. 

I did make some Area 51 jokes in the original contest post, I don’t recommend attending that event. Also, I don’t think Dion has named any Illusione cigars Area 51 (yet), but he has used MJ12, which refers to a group of scientists who probably worked there. Anyway, through my random selection process, utilizing the random number generator on Random.org, and a spreadsheet randomize range tool, I’ve selected a winner from combined website and Instagram comments. That winner is Nate Martin! Please email me your address, along with proof that you’re of legal age so I can get all these goodies out to you. Thank you again to Fox Cigars! That’s all for today, until the next time,