The Top Selling Cigar Tins!

There is always a reason to have a smoke. Try as you may, you will never run out of excuses to have a cigar.

The problem is time. Often the craving strikes for a stogie but you are just too busy to take a 2-hour break. This is why we have cigarillos.

A cigarillo is basically a mini version of the full-size cigars you pack in your humidor. But these babies are meant for smoking on the move.

In the past, cigarillos were machine-made, mass-market, cheapo little cigars made for anyone who didn’t care about quality. Now little cigars feature premium tobacco with peerless wrappers and binder.

Now, you can get that same flavour and body from a cigarillo as you would a full-sized cigar. Perhaps even more so because the smoking experience is short and sweet.

With a growing number of premium mini-cigars in the market, it is easy to overlook a gem in the chaff.

We would never let that happen.

Below is our Top 5 Picks for the Best-Selling Cigars in Tins.

1.Macanudo Café Ascot

The Macanudo brand is iconic for their exquisitely aged tobacco blends and nonpareil wrappers. Lovers of the leaf know all Macanudo cigars are twice aged and meticulously rolled to maintain their perfect consistency.

Our Macanudo Café Ascot carries these same attributes in a compact 4.18 x 32 size. It features top-shelf tobacco blends from the Dominican Republic, a Mexican binder, and triple-fermented US Connecticut Shade wrapper.

Macanudo Café Ascot comes in a tin of 10 and individual cellophane wraps that ensure your cigarillos stay fresh until you need a quick one. You will love the convenience of popping this tin in your pocket or glove compartment so you can have your favourite mini-cigar handy whenever you want a smoke.

2.Hoyo de Monterrey Excalibur

Hoyo de Monterrey is a brand rich in history dating back to the 1800s. For a brand that lasted through centuries and multiple companies, Hoyo de Monterrey Excalibur still manages to deliver the signature richness of a Cuban seed grown in Honduras.

Hoyo de Monterrey Excalibur has both a Cigarillo (4×24) line and a Miniature line (3×22). They both feature a blend of premium long-leaf Nicaraguan, Honduran, and Dominican fillers bound by a Connecticut leaf and draped in a Connecticut Shade Natural wrapper. In some cases, these bad boys come in a Maduro wrapper for the aficionados who love a dark, stout, flavour profile.

Hoyo de Monterrey Excalibur is so good, it got a 92 Rating and made the Top 25 Cigars of The Year when it was released in 2007. Grab your tin of 20 mini-cigars and take it with you everywhere. If you buy in bulk, you can always toss them in your humidor to benefit from a little aging.

However, the cigarillos are dry cured which means you don’t need to keep them in the humidor.

3.Café Crème

Café Crème is a CAO little cigar. CAO is synonymous with quality and flavour. Cigar connoisseurs absolutely love CAO because they don’t wuss out when creating robust flavours and strength.

You should expect the same rich, punchy body from these café cigars. Café Crème mini-cigars (3×20) come in two types; the yellow tin and the blue tin. The Yellow Tin is the original Café Crème little cigar while the Blue Tin is the milder counterpart.

All Café Crème cigarillos are dry cured which reduces the need for a humidor. They are packed with distinctively aged tobacco from Columbia, Java, and the Dominican Republic and wrapped in a quintessential Sumatra leaf.

Treat yourself to a Café Crème tin of 10 mini-cigars. The tin is super convenient to take with you on the go so that your favourite smoke is always within reach.

4.Ashton Esquire

No one can dare argue with the quality of Ashton cigars. Ashtons are revered for their unrivalled body and flavour. The Fuente Family and Robert Levin pride themselves in producing cigars that consistently garner a rating of 90+.

Ashton Esquire cigars (4.25×32) carry a blend of decadent Dominican tobacco aged for 3 to 4 years. You can choose to have an Ashton Esquire draped in a light USA Connecticut Shade Wrapper or the darker Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro.

Of course, the shade wrapper makes for a milder smoke while the maduro gives off a heavier, stronger flavour profile. These babies are a superb mini-treat of 10 to 15 minutes dishing robust notes of fine espresso, sweet caramel, and creamy cocoa with tons rich premium tobacco holding down the fort.

Get your Ashton Esquire in a tin of 10. The mini-cigars are not in cellophane wrappers but the tin does well to maintain their freshness. Take them with you on the go so that you can enjoy a mini-stogie whenever, wherever.

5.CAO Brazilia Mini

As earlier stated, CAO fandom like their stogies with a formidable kick. And this CAO Brazilia Mini (3.5×20) does not back down.

Packed with meticulously aged Nicaraguan long fillers, this baby is then handrolled in a Brazilian Arapiraca Maduro wrapper for that signature dark delicious finish.

If you want a robust, deeply satisfying 20-minute smoke, then you will probably not do better than this bad boy. Get yourself a gorgeous 5-cigar tin that can fit anywhere including your pant pockets. Each cigar is wrapped in cellophane which ensures freshness up until you light up.

These are our Top 5 Best Tin Mini-cigars to have on the go.

But there’s one more!

This is our bonus mini-cigar that we just couldn’t bear not reviewing. Its brand new and absolutely divine!

If you know and already love Macanudo, then you need to sit down! You are about to get majorly bright eyed and bushy tailed!

Following their inviolable success with the Macanudo Inspirado line, General Cigar company wanted to expand their customer base with quick, easy to smoke little cigars that you can take wherever you go.

And so, in 2017, they released Macanudo Inspirado Mini tin cigars in three distinctive flavour profiles; the Red, White, and Orange.

These cigarillos were not just released to fill a void; they are a product of a gruelling 5 years of research and hard work. It was all worth it because the results are exquisite.

1)Macanudo Inspirado Red Minis

The Red minis are a masterpiece of intricately aged tobacco blended to perfection. They boast a mix of 10-year old Honduran Jamastran leaves, 5-year old Nicaraguan Esteli, and a dash of 2-year old Ometepe leaves.

The wrapper is Ecuadorian Java Habano wrapper with a Jalapa binder. As you can see, these babies were not an after thought as are many cigarillos. These are premium cigars made to a smaller scale.

2)Macanudo Inspirado White Minis

These bad boys feature a blend of Mexican San Andres fillers, Nicaraguan Condega fillers, and a 2-year aged Jalapa leaf. The binder is an Indonesian leaf wrapped in a dainty 6-year aged Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade wrapper.

The flavour profile on these little cigars is enticingly complex with sweet undertones and a spicy disposition.

3)Macanudo Inspirado Orange Minis

These Orange minis are a flavour bomb of exotic tobacco delicately balanced for sweet, magnificent finish. You will love the blend of Dominican Olor fillers mixed with Nicaraguan Ometepe leaves, and Honduran Jamastran leaves.

The wrapper is a dry cured Ecuadorian leaf. Perk up your palate for a deeply complex smooth smoke with hints of sweet spice and earthy goodness.

Once you become a cigar enthusiast, there is no going back. A palate that is seasoned to premium tobacco cannot stand for mediocrity. And this is why Tin Cigars are flying off the shelves.

Big brands have indulged in making premium smokes in cigarillo sizes so that their esteemed clientele can get the same premium taste for a fraction of a full-size smoke.

You can take your Tin Cigars with you anywhere. Additionally, the majority of Tin Cigars are dry cured which means they don’t need to sit in a humidor.

Seeing as the cigar business is booming not just in the US but across the world, Tin Cigar popularity is growing with it. With the influx of premium cigarillos and the appeal of the ready-to-go packaging, we expect Tin Cigars to go nowhere but up.

For me, the best out of life is peppered with a premium smoke here and there. Tin Cigars will definitely join my shopping list simply because there’s never a bad time for a cigar. With these delicious premium cigarillos, I can have my premium smoke at any time.