Smoke Night LIVE – First Impressions Take Two

Back in July of this year the Dojo aired the it’s First Impressions Show. The show was so popular we decided to do another take! The Dojo crew will light-up and review cigars that they have never tried before and rate them live on the spot. Each cigar will get just 10 minutes to make a good first impression. Will it be LOVE at first sight or will the Dojo crew swipe left?

Showtime: 9PM eastern time 10-10-2019.
Episode: 202

Get ready DOJONATION Friday night is Smoke Night! Smoke Night LIVE is the late night live video show.

JR Cigar

Smoke Night LIVE is brought to you by JR Cigar – the world’s largest cigar store.

Watch this episode LIVE on the Cigar Dojo FACEBOOK page. You can also interact with the show via Facebook by commenting on the video feed. Or you can always ask your question on the Dojo app with hashtag #askdojo and we will answer it on the show.