Michael Giannini to Host Cigar-Rolling Seminar at RMCF 2019

With the annual Rocky Mountain Cigar Festival quickly becoming one of the most attractive mega-event destinations across the country, the event has expanded in 2019 to include add-on seminars from companies such as Ventura Cigar Co., Davidoff, and Asylum.

The latest such event has recently been announced by Ventura, where Michael Giannini (general manager and creative director of Ventura Cigar Co.) will be hosting a special seminar that allows attendees to roll their own Axis Mundi cigars.

Sometimes, to really appreciate the experience, you have to get your hands dirty. It’s not enough to simply smoke a cigar. To really savor it, really understand it, you have to know the backstory. We’re giving people a chance to be part of the backstory. To roll the cigar themselves, engage in the process of creation, and then truly enjoy the smoke. It’s going to be great, and I’m excited to be a part of it.Michael Giannini

RMCF attendees can purchase a ticket upgrade ($65) that grants access to the seminar on the RMCF Eventbrite page. While the official Rocky Mountain Cigar Festival will be held on Saturday, August 24th, the event has expanded to include cigar activities throughout the week, hosted at various tobacconists, etc. throughout the Denver metro area.