Tenth Anniversary Contest Winner Announcement!

This is going to be a quick one as my wife and I are flying off for a few days of R&R.  Thanks to everyone who entered the contest for their kind words and for coming back to read my nonsense over the years! When I first started writing here I never imagined people would read it and it was pretty much just my own amusement and a way to keep track of what I smoked. Who would have thought it would have become whatever it is now!  So thanks to all of you who read it regularly and come across it in searches. There are hundreds of cigars and bunches of accessories discussed in these pages, and dozens of events.  I’m fortunate to know many people as a result.  So I’m going to select two winners from the 40 entries, and each of those two winners is going to get a ten cigar sampler. I know, I pictured 15 cigars, I’ll split them up and make up the difference and both will be equal!  The two winners are Karl and Michael Lanier! Please send me your addresses so I can send your goodies our when I get back from my trip!

Once again, thanks to everyone for making this worth doing! I hope I can keep it going for as long as possible!  Thanks also to all of the cigar companies and retail partners I’ve had over the years who have made it easier for me to do this.