Casa de Montecristo Opens New Luxury Cigar Store and Lounge in Washington, D.C.

Casa de Montecristo’s lounge in Washington, D.C. is set to move to its new location on 19th Street—two blocks away from its current location.

The cigar store and lounge is aimed at a luxurious ambiance, including two bars, 16 HDTVs, custom-made lounge chairs and sofas, and an outdoor patio area for smoking. The location features two stories (4,000 sq ft total), with 16 humidors (320 linear feet of premium cigars) on the first floor and 60 custom-made humidor lockers for lounge members on the top floor.

Due to Washington’s smoking restrictions, Casa de Montecristo will not be able to allow smoking inside, instead offering a comfortable lounge and bar atmosphere indoors and a designated smoking patio outdoors.

What adult cigar smokers will find at our new store is a great selection of the finest cigars available in the United States, and great accommodations for adult cigar lovers to relax and enjoy premium hand-made cigars with friends and like-minded adult consumers.Luis Miguel Torres, CEO & Head of Casa de Montecristo

Casa de Montecristo, a retail-focused subdivision of Tabacalera USA, has been steadily expanding its reach in recent years, now including 28 premium cigar stores and lounges owned or licensed in major markets around the country.

The new lounge is located on 19th Street N.W., between L and M Streets, and is set to open on Feb 12th, 2019.