Camacho Box Pressed Cigars, the Best Blends Yet?

Camacho BXP Cigars

Just when we thought we couldn’t love Camacho cigars any more than we do, they went and box-pressed them!
If you haven’t heard yet, Camacho rounded up 3 of their most popular lines and gave them a soft box-press.
You can probably guess which three; Camacho Connecticut, Camacho Corojo, and Camacho Ecuador. The new line is called Camacho Box Pressed abbreviated as BXP. Before we go into each of the blends, here is more on Box Pressed Cigars.

Did you know the first box-pressed cigars happened by chance?
It’s true. Box Pressed cigars originated in Cuba. Purveyors of Cuban Cigars crammed excess cigars in a box to save on shipping cost. By the time the cigars got to the consumers, they were gently pressed into a box shape.
Surprisingly, these box-pressed cigars ended up with a more intense flavour and a flawless draw.
Soon afterwards, cigar manufacturers began to deliberately press their cigars into a box shape.

Camacho Box Pressed Cigars.

Now its time to discuss these delectable delicacies. When Camacho decided to reinvent these cigar lines, Box Pressing wasn’t all they did. They added a little twist to the flavour profile. Now each of the BXP cigars has a Pennsylvania Broadleaf Ligero leaf in the filler. In their own words,

“It’s really more so for the intense taste experience that the broadleaf gives you,” said Dylan Austin, vice president of marketing for Camacho cigars. “It is a strong tobacco, in many cases much more intense than our Authentic Corojo (varies on the priming), which is the cornerstone to almost all of our blends.” As you can see, the Pennsylvania Broadleaf is no wuss. And it is all these Camacho bad boys needed to take it over the top.

The Camacho BXP line comes in 3 Vitolas; the Robusto (5×50), Toro (6×50), and Gordo (6×60). You will love the highly-glossed embellished dress-box of 20. They are made at Diadem Cigars in Honduras, S.A. Oettinger Davidoff’s Camacho factory in Danli, Honduras.Let’s dive into the blends and tasting notes of each of the Camacho BXP cigars.

1.Camacho Connecticut BXP
Camacho BXP Connecticut Robusto

The original Camacho Connecticut is a work of art. It was the first Camacho cigar to go flavour over strength and we were ecstatic. This new BXP features Aleman Ligero, Honduran Generoso, and Pennsylvania Broadleaf premium fillers. It is then cloaked in a Corojo binder and wrapped in an Ecuadorian Connecticut leaf. As usual, Davidoff never skimps on quality. These bad boys are immaculately rolled with a triple cap to boot.

You can expect a gentle marrying of cedar, cream, vanilla, and nutty flavours. There’s a little spice kick in the Retrohale but nothing harsh. As the cigar settles you will be floating on a bed of sweet, creamy, caramel backed by cherry, hints of raisin, and a whole lot of delicious premium tobacco.The Camacho Connecticut BXP sells for between $6 and $8 depending on the size.

2.Camacho Corojo BXP

Camacho BXP Corojo GordoThe original Camacho Corojo is fiercely spicy with the strength of a bull. Truthfully, this baby is not for the faint hearted. The Camacho Corojo BXP packs Authentic Honduran Corojo (3 primings) and the signature Pennsylvania Broadleaf. The binder is a Honduran Corojo leaf swathed in an exquisite 5th Priming Honduran Corojo wrapper.

Now, I could have just called it a Honduran Corojo Puro minus the Pennsylvania Broadleaf; but where is the fun in that? Moving on to the tasting notes.
The Camacho Corojo BXP does not whimper on flavour. It starts off with an implicit sweetness, hints of oak, salted nuts, and a touch of spicy kick at the back of the throat.

But don’t let the dainty start fool you. Pepper notes continue to pick up as the cigar progresses. You will love the robust earthiness, solid premium tobacco notes with a rush of pepper on the back of the throat and Retrohale. The sweet, cedary, and somewhat salty disposition dancing on the front of the palate is an absolute revelation.
This is a complex cigar. It speaks to a complex palate that is accustomed to discerning flavours. The Camacho Corojo BXP falls in the $7 to $9 price range.

3.Camacho Ecuador BXP

Camacho BXP Ecuador Gordo

The original Camacho Ecuador stays true to the “Bold” character embodies by Camacho. See what I did there? If you ever had the original Camacho Ecuador, you know it’s a cigar after a true aficionado’s heart.
The Camacho Ecuador BXP rocks the same fillers from the 2013 revamp. It’s a multi-national blend featuring Criollo, Corojo, Ligero, and Perlo de Oro from Honduras and the Dominican Republic. Add that to the sweet Pennsylvanian Broadleaf Ligero and you’ve got a winner. The binder is a Brazilian Mata Fina swaddled in an Ecuadorian Habano 2000.

As for the flavour, this baby opens with sweet, oaky, chocolate notes on the front of the palate and a subtle pepper nuance on the tongue and nose. Premium tobacco, a tangy earth, and yet more red pepper hold down the fort. From my experience, this blend is a tad complex which is exacerbated by the perpetual shifting of flavours through out the smoke. I was in awe of the perfect balance of strength and flavour.
When I first heard they were tweaking this masterpiece, I wasn’t sure there was anything they could do to make it better. Boy was I wrong! This bad boy sells in the $8 to $10 range depending on the Vitola.

The Difference Between the Camacho BXP and other Box Press Cigars

The Camacho BXP have what is termed as a Spanish Press. This is a soft press that gently shapes the stogie into a square shape but without sharp edges.The soft press is perfect for slightly tightening the draw and intensifying flavour. You see, box pressed cigars require less tobacco than the typical Parejo shape. The box press eliminates air bubbles and allows more of the binder flavour to seep in.

Camacho BXP cigars stand out for their fuller flavour and comfortable feel. They run cooler and smoke for longer too. The boxy shape sits well in your hand, on your lips, and on the table. Perhaps the best feature is the intense taste experience exacerbated by the Pennsylvania broadleaf ligero.

Who would Enjoy a Box Press Cigar?

A Box Press cigar is a treat for aficionados and green horns alike. As earlier stated, box pressed cigars have better draw and intensified flavours. Also, it is a pleasant change of pace from the typical Parejo smokes.
You know what I say? Try a Camacho BXP cigar today, it’ll be like that exquisite treat you always knew you deserve.